[CentOS] EL6: Hard Disk upgrade howto?

Yves Bellefeuille yan at storm.ca
Sun Jul 31 01:00:26 UTC 2011

On Friday 29 July 2011 22:45, Benjamin Smith wrote:

> I have a tested copy of EL6 that I would like to duplicate to a
> number of similar servers, but can't seem to find a sane howto on the
> subject. TLDP's "Hard disk upgrade howto" is embarrassingly
> antiquated: when's the last time you saw LILO?

When I wrote that How-To, I wanted to copy Linux from a 120 Mb hard disk 
to a 250 Mb hard disk.

I've thought about updating the How-To, but I assumed that modern hard 
disks are so large that people no longer needed to copy Linux just 
because they ran out of disk space.

Even back then, the How-To wasn't intended for someone who wanted to 
make several copies. As others have suggested, Clonezilla seems 
appropriate for your situation: http://clonezilla.org/

I still use LILO to boot from thumb drives, by the way.


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