[CentOS] virtualization on the desktop a myth, or a reality?

Wed Mar 2 19:48:24 UTC 2011
aurfalien at gmail.com <aurfalien at gmail.com>

On Mar 2, 2011, at 11:35 AM, Rudi Ahlers wrote:

> I thought, just for the fun of it, let's install Windows 2008 Small
> Business Server.
> Interestingly, using the same Virtual Machine Manager, the
> installation wasn't as slow as with CentOS. It's almost asif it's more
> optimized for Windows? I used the exact same settings for the
> installation as with CentOS

Hi Rubi,

While I've had great luck using Xen (Gitco RPMs v3.4x) + Centos 5.5, I  
am waiting for Centos 6 as it will have the 2.6.32 pvops kernel which  
solves a lot of USB/firewire and I'm hoping VGA pass through issues.

Also disk i/o is supposed is supposed to be addressed although I have  
never had any i/o issues.

There are several write up on how to Xen-ize your RHEL 6 dom0 out  
there as 6 still supports Xen domUs.

You may want to dl a 30 day eval of RHEL6 or even SL 6 for the hell of  
it as a prep for Centos 6.

I wouldn't say Xen is out the door and its still a bit more mature  
then KVM.

However I have my eye on KVM as it does have better passthrough  
features, that is until pvops 2.6.32 is out :)

- aurf