[CentOS] virtualization on the desktop a myth, or a reality?

Wed Mar 2 21:23:11 UTC 2011
Dag Wieers <dag at wieers.com>

On Wed, 2 Mar 2011, James Hogarth wrote:

>> You need qemu-spice for using SPICE, which does not ship with RHEL5 or
>> RHEL6. On top of that, SPICE is only supported by Red Hat for RHEV, not
>> libvirt. That may change in the future, ... but when, nobody knows ;-)
> qemu-kvm and libvirt in RHEL6 already supports SPICE... the only thing
> that isn't included is support for it in virt-manager (that is coming
> down the road) but you can enable it with virsh edit easily enough
> following the XML definition at the libvirt fine.
> I was playing with it last week - very impressive piece of technology.

Interesting, could you shed a light on what exact XML is needed ?

It used to be qemu-spice though in past Fedora releases, that's why I was 
expecting the same.

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