[CentOS] Gnu Screen - terminal issues

Fri Mar 4 00:10:42 UTC 2011
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

On 3/3/2011 5:49 PM, Dr. Ed Morbius wrote:
>>> Not that I'm intrinsically opposed to overengineering.
>> Don't knock it until you've tried it.  A full GUI desktop, even mostly
>> hosting a bunch of terminal windows is a lot more comfortable place to
>> work than a screen session
> I use screen *very* extensively, including locally.  It works quite
> well.

I've forgotten - does a vi session in screen window resize correctly 
like it does in an xterm if you want to change it?

> I run Linux locally, not just remotely.

NX works on Linux too. But 'locally' to me means a bunch of different 

>> I almost never log in directly at a linux console anymore and if I
>> need to do something from home or remotely, I just pick the session
>> that was my last desktop at work.
> What's your desktop system?

Mostly windows at work, mac at home, but sometimes I'll be at a linux 
console and pick up the session there too.

> I'm living in X11 on a laptop with good suspend/restore.  A new terminal
> is hotkeyed, so no mousing around to get that.  If I'm on a host
> frequently I'll generally have a screen session or several running
> there.  Few if any remote clients have any X support.  Works pretty well
> for me.  There's no win (in this case) for freenx.

I can do pretty much everything you can do in the desktop session. 
Playing video isn't great, but it would be hard to tell the difference 
for about anything else. The difference is that mine keeps running while 
my laptop is suspended or I've disconnected with no need to start a 
screen session separately for long-running jobs.  And I can grab the 
session from the mac at home if I don't want to use the laptop.

> I meant to note earlier:  the upstream NX developers have gone non-free,
> no?  Is there a free software development branch?

I don't think so for the next version - but the current one does 
everything I need.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell at gmail.com