[CentOS] Updating hardware clock from cron

Fri Mar 4 21:05:43 UTC 2011
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Lamar Owen wrote:
> On Friday, March 04, 2011 03:54:21 pm John R Pierce wrote:
>> just setup NTP and forget about it, and it will always work right,
>> unless your system is really badly broken, whereupon, it would be better
>> to fix it than to continue to hack around like this.
> For the sake of the archives, VMware guests should be set to sync from the
> host using the VMware tools functionality, and then the host should run
> NTP, even and especially on ESX.  VMware timekeeping in the guest can be
> made worse by running NTP inside the guest.  This is a well-known VMware
> issue, and is covered in depth on the VMware knowledgebase.

Excuse me? The last time I was following this closely, and I think the
last time I looked, about a year ago, they said the opposite, that the
guest, if running Linux, should use ntp.

NTP Recommendations
Note: In all cases use NTP instead of VMware Tools periodic time
synchronization. Also, you may need to open the firewall (UDP 123) to
allow NTP traffic.