[CentOS] IPTABLES rule for separating users

Sat Mar 5 09:15:29 UTC 2011
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 03/05/11 12:58 AM, erikmccaskey64 wrote:
> I have an OpenWrt 10.03 router [ IP: ], and it has a DHCP 
> server pool: - clients are using it through 
> wireless/wired connection. Ok!

um, this is CentOS, not OpenWRT, I believe they have their own email 

however, since we're here and I've looked into those htings in some 
depth....  The LAN ports on the WRT54 family routers are a hardware 
ethernet switch, and packets aren't normally passed through the WRT's 
processor.  You *can* reconfigure the switch to make each LAN port a 
different VLAN but then every packet has to go through the rather slow 
WRT CPU, and it only has a single 100baseT ethernet port, which now has 
to service 5 VLAN  (WAN + 4 LANs).   The WLAN is on a seperate port to 
the processor which normally it bridges.