[CentOS] Gnu Screen - terminal issues

Mon Mar 7 00:50:28 UTC 2011
Sean Carolan <scarolan at gmail.com>

>> The remote host's $TERM variable is in fact xterm.  When I connect to
>> the screen session the $TERM variable is 'screen'.
> Are you running screen locally or remotely?

Remotely.  My work machine is a laptop, which is not powered on all
the time.  Hence I use a remote box as a jumping-off point, and run my
screen sessions there.

> Or you could write a script, scp it to the hosts you want to run it on
> (testing first, natch), and exec it:
>   for host in <hostlist>; do scp myscript $host:.; done
>   [fiddle around with tests or verification as necessary]
>   for host in <hostlist>; do echo "** $host **"; ssh $host ./myscript; done

Yes, I do this quite a bit.  But there are often times when I have to
do interactive work, running different commands on various hosts.

> As I mentioned earlier, dsh (distributed ssh) is a very powerful tool
> for running multiple remote commands.  Puppet, cfengine, and other tools
> may also be useful.

Yes, thank you for the pointers.  I'm familiar with both puppet and
cfengine.  The GNU screen sessions are mainly used during the build
process, before a server has puppet or cfengine up and running.