[CentOS] Server hangs on CentOS 5.5

Wed Mar 9 18:37:57 UTC 2011
Dr. Ed Morbius <dredmorbius at gmail.com>

on 10:05 Wed 09 Mar, Lamar Owen (lowen at pari.edu) wrote:
> On Tuesday, March 08, 2011 04:44:54 pm Dr. Ed Morbius wrote:
> > I'd very strongly recommend you configure netconsole. 
> Ok, now this is useful indeed.  Thanks for the information, even
> though I'm not the OP....  While I suspected the facility might be
> there, I hadn't really dug for it, but if this will catch things after
> filesystems go r/o (ext3 journal things, ya know) it could be worth
> its weight in gold for catching kernel errors from VMware guests
> (serial console not really an option with the hosts I have, 

Yep, it is.

Netconsole made me fall in love with Linux all over again.

> although I'm sure some enterprising soul has figured out how to
> redirect the VM guest serial port to something else....). 

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