[CentOS] Affordable KVM over IP switch

Wed Mar 23 03:19:49 UTC 2011
Miguel Medalha <miguelmedalha at sapo.pt>

> That part isn't a function of the iPEPS, it's a function of your
> KVM switch.  So yes, I was thinking about models that do it with
> a particular key stroke.  I've used the D-Link DKVM-8E as a decent
> low cost unit, although it has the tendancy to get confused during
> a full power outage of your data center, requiring a hard reset.
> Because the DKVM-8E takes power from both its own power brick and
> from the keyboard connectors, you can't reset it by using a remote
> power distribution unit; you have to have someone present in the
> data center press a button.  Given my druthers, I'd use a different
> unit that didn't exhibit this behavior, but I find it's not too
> onerous (I've had two cases in the last 18 months that required
> this on-site intervention, and even then the servers are fine; I
> just can't reach the consoles.)

The D-Links are NOT suitable for professional use. I used one of their 
models and it hanged on me multiple times. Because it is powered by the 
keyboard/mouse/video connectors, the only way to recover it is to 
physically disconnect ALL cables and reconnect them again. As long as 
ONE of the sources of power is connected, the unit won't recover. 
Someday you quickly need to access a machine only to suddenly discover 
that you are stuck and can go nowhere. A real PITA!