[CentOS] Installing php-mcrypt

Mon Mar 28 03:48:05 UTC 2011
Tom Diehl <tdiehl at rogueind.com>

On Sun, 27 Mar 2011, Todd Cary wrote:

> It has been 6 years since I set up my Linux server and have
> hardly had to touch it in all of those years other than running
> yum update, so I ma rusty in some of the fine details (especially
> at 72).
> I located a source for the php-mcrypt rpm
> (php-mcrypt-5.1.6-15.el5.centos.1.i386.rpm), however, isn't there
> an easier method to get and install the appropriate rpm - other
> than downloading it then running rpm?  And when should I use yum
> rather than rpm?
> For those of you that use Linux daily, these are very simple
> question, and for that please accept my apologies.

How about yum install php-mcrypt?


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