[CentOS] Migrating standalone systems to KVM

Thu Mar 31 09:42:51 UTC 2011
nux at li.nux.ro <nux at li.nux.ro>

Jussi Hirvi writes:

> A while ago I got great instructions from Pasi for migrating standalone 
> systems to *xen*. However, now I have decided to use KVM instead, which 
> raises a new question:
> How to migrate a standalone system to *KVM*?
> I know a two-step way to do it:
> 	standalone system -> xen pv guest
> 	xen pv guest -> KVM pv guest
> I read that xen -> KVM migration is trivially easy.
> But is there an easier (one-step) way to do this?
> - Jussi


Check this out: