[CentOS] script question

Thu Mar 31 17:32:28 UTC 2011
Bill Campbell <centos at celestial.com>

On Thu, Mar 31, 2011, Jerry Geis wrote:
>I can do "simply" search and replace with sed.
>However, I want to setup httpd.conf from a script
>that changes the default "/" which is presently:

While this can be done with sed, it's generally a lot easier to do with
python or perl, particularly when dealing with multi-line replacement

It was this type of job that led me to perl in the late 1980s as perl was a
lot easier to understand than advanced sed features, and there was only one
regular expression syntax to remember.  Currently I use python for most
things, but don't want to start a scripting language wars thread here.

There's a very useful script 'replace' in the Kernighan and Pike book "The
Unix Programming Environment" which uses sed for in-place replacements as
an example of exception handling (MySQL has a similar 'replace' script but
with different arguments which tells me that their developers hadn't done
much basic *nix study as this book, while old, is still excellent).

The best book I've ever read on sed is "Unix Text Processing" by Dougherty
and O'Reilly which covers many *nix utilities.

><Directory />
>    Options FollowSymLinks
>    AllowOverride None
>and change it to the following:
><Directory />
>    Order Deny,Allow
>    Deny from all
>    AllowOverride None
>How do you do that with scripts? Basically substitute everything between 
>the two Directory tags.
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