[CentOS] kernel eclipse segfault

sync jiannma at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 07:02:03 UTC 2011

Hi, all :

My user called Tom, and his vnc desktop suddenly did not work just now.
Then I went to see the server  log message , and found the following

kernel: Xvnc[2779]: segfault at 00000000008 rip 000000000077af44 rsp
00007fff5ee310c0 error 4
kernel: eclipse[25300]: segfault at 00000000008 rip 000003210cfbc6c rsp
00007fff470c66a0 error 4
gconfd( tom-2764): Gconf server is not in use , shutting down
gconfd: Exitting ..

By the way, my server os is CentOS 5.3 x86_64 and kernel version is :

It looks it is the eclipse tool  problem which cause the kernel crash, isn't
it ?

Could someone can give me some suggestion which can avoid that message
happend again?

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