[CentOS] how to control sftp's user file folder

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Wed Mar 2 02:00:25 UTC 2011

On 03/01/11 5:55 PM, Markus Falb wrote:
> On 2.3.2011 02:15, Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:
>> I know FTP can be a nightmare: I thought FTPS had pretty much
>> addressed the separate data and control channel issues, or am I
>> profoundly mistaken?
> Running ftp over ssl is not changing the ftp protocol. SSL or not, there
> are the same "open up a bunch of passive ports for data channel" insanities.

and, worse, since the control channel is encrypted, this can't be done 
via a port monitor that sniffs and modifies 'port' commands, so this 
causes problems at BOTH ends of a NAT

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