[CentOS] log monitoring and reporting software

Geoff Galitz geoff at galitz.org
Thu Mar 3 14:13:06 UTC 2011


It has to collect logs from syslog (or similar service ), because one requirement for certification is "log history from all devices in one place". And since we are talking about 1500 devices it should be easy to configure and maintain.


You might want to think about: 

syslog-ng/rsyslog remote logging + syslog-ng/rsyslog master log receiver + splunk 

If you find that log messages are getting lost or you need to guarantee that messages arrive you can also consider RELP (supported by rsyslog and possibly by syslog-ng).  

I actually have experience with writing these types of tools in perl, and found it is not really that hard to do if you have good in-house devops talent at hand.  Management and retention of the all that data is the biggest challenge.  






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