[CentOS] Load balancing...

Sean Hart boardnutz at blacklight.net
Fri Mar 4 01:56:37 UTC 2011

>>> Hi Sean,
>>> Can you explain as I may be planning this for a site.
>>> So if I have 2 identical servers, each with there own IP, how will  
>>> one
>>> of them going down cause issues?
>>> I'm assuming multiple A records for the same host will be handled  
>>> fine
>>> by the client lookup?
>> example.com resolves to:
>> host1.example.com - A.B.C.D
>> host2.example.com - W.X.Y.Z
>> 1. Client performs DNS lookup and gets pointed to host2. All is well.
>> 2. host2 goes down. DNS for example.com still resolves to host2,  
>> which is unreachable. Site is down.

Yeah, what they said!  I've done a few of these myself if you want to
chat further off the list about your specific needs and so forth.  I
don't contract or anything, but I'm down to give advice.

~Sean Hart

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