[CentOS] Centos 6 - What are you looking forward to?

Jimmy Bradley bmobile40 at ocellaris.net
Fri Mar 4 05:44:24 UTC 2011

    I do have one question about Cent OS 6.
Sonetimes back, I remember reading that the plan was to spread the iso's
over multiple cd's, rather than put it all on 1 dvd. Is that still the
plan? As far as when it's released, I say take all the time you need.
I'd rather have an os that works, than something that's just thrown
together, and is about as stable as windows me, or vista.



On Thu, 2011-03-03 at 10:44 -0800, aurfalien at gmail.com wrote:
> On Mar 3, 2011, at 7:11 AM, Digimer wrote:
> > How about the rest of you? What are you looking forward to in CentOS 6
> > when it is released?
> XFS support on boot partitions.
> PVOPS kernel so I can get better VGA/USB passthrough with Xen.
> Newer KDE.
> Newer MonoDevelop package (boy was this a nightmare to install on  
> previous versions).
> Mebbe even messing with EXT4.
> Newer DHCP so I can get better failover.
> I'm sure more things will come up.
> I did dl RHEL 6 but my eval expired so I'm getting SL 6 to better prep  
> myself for Centos 6 rel.
> Got a few servers to roll out needing some features above.
> - aurf
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