[CentOS] connection speeds between nodes

wessel van der aart wessel at postoffice.nl
Mon Mar 7 11:12:36 UTC 2011

Hi All,

I've been asked to setup a 3d renderfarm at our office , at the start it 
will contain about 8 nodes but it should be build at growth. now the 
setup i had in mind is as following:
All the data is already stored on a StorNext SAN filesystem (quantum ) 
this should be mounted on a centos server trough fiber optics  , which 
in its turn shares the FS over NFS to all the rendernodes (also centos).

Now we've estimated that the average file send to each node will be 
about 90MB , so that's what i like the average connection to be, i know 
that gigabit ethernet should be able to that (testing with iperf 
confirms that) but testing the speed to already existing nfs shares 
gives me a 55MB max. as i'm not familiar with network shares performance 
tweaking is was wondering if anybody here did and could give me some 
info on this?
Also i thought on giving all the nodes 2x1Gb-eth ports and putting those 
in a BOND, will do this any good or do i have to take a look a the nfs 
server side first?



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