[CentOS] Dell PERC H800 commandline RAID monitoring tools

Dr. Ed Morbius dredmorbius at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 20:43:03 UTC 2011

We're looking for tools to be used in monitoring the PERC H800 arrays on
a set of database servers running CentOS 5.5.

We've installed most of the OMSA (Dell monitoring) suite.

Our current alerting is happening through SNMP, though it's a bit hit or
miss (we apparently missed a couple of earlier predictive failure alerts
on one drive).

OMSA conflicts with mega-cli, though we may find that the latter is the
more useful package.  Both are pretty byzantine, the Dell stuff simply
doesn't have docs (in particular: docs on how to interpret the omconfig
log output).

Ideally we'd like something which could be run as a Nagios plugin or
cron job providing information on RAID status and/or possible disk
errors.  Probably both, actually.

Thanks in advance.

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