[CentOS] Server hangs on CentOS 5.5

m.roth at 5-cent.us m.roth at 5-cent.us
Tue Mar 8 18:34:24 UTC 2011

Michael Eager wrote:
> Brian Mathis wrote:
>> On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 12:24 PM, Michael Eager <eager at eagerm.com> wrote:
>>> Hi --
>>> I'm running a server which is usually stable, but every
>>> once in a while it hangs.  The server is used as a file
>>> store using NFS and to run VMware machines.
>>> I don't see anything in /var/log/messages or elsewhere
>>> to indicate any problem or offer any clue why the system
>>> was hung.
>>> Any suggestions where I might look for a clue?
> System is unresponsive.  Monitor blank, no response to keyboard,
> no response to remote ssh.  Hit reset to reboot.

Suggestion 1: ->from the console<-, run
setterm --powersave off
That way, even if you connect a monitor (in our, uh, "computer labs", we
have a monitor-on-a-stick), you'll still see what's on the screen at the
end, not the power save blanking.
> The only indication that I had that there was a problem (other
> that attached systems were not accessing files) was that the fan(s)
> on the server were louder than normal.

Um. Um. What make is the server? We had that on some new Suns, where after
working on them, the fans would spin up and *not* spin down to normal. The
answer to that was, after powering them down, pull all the plugs, and
leave them out for 20 sec or so....


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