[CentOS] [Newbie] Reclaiming /boot space

Todd Cary todd at aristesoftware.com
Wed Mar 9 02:15:14 UTC 2011

Yes...thank you for the suggestion...since that was the cause of 
my problem in the first place!!  I should have known better; all 
I had to do was remove some of the outdated kernel files.  And 
when I did the dumb thing of deleting the /boot files, they were 
moved into the "protected" .Trash-boot directory.


On 3/8/2011 5:51 PM, compdoc wrote:
> Besides recovering the files, you'll need to delete some of them to free up
> space.
> Here's an idea of how to go about it:
> http://www.howtoforge.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19788
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