[CentOS] Server hangs on CentOS 5.5

Don Krause dkrause at optivus.com
Wed Mar 9 23:21:28 UTC 2011

On Mar 9, 2011, at 3:06 PM, compdoc wrote:

>> compdoc wrote:
>>> I'll re-seat the CPU, heatsink, and fan on the next downtime.
>>> Is the CPU overheating? Pointless to reseat the cpu or even remove the
>>> heatsink, if not.
>> No evidence to suggest that it is.
> As much as I love telling anecdotes, I have none to tell you concerning cpu
> reseating. I've never seen it fix a problem.

Funny, we actually had a whole stack of HP 4600s that needed the cpus reinstalled in order to function.

When we removed the heatsinks, the cpus came up with them, even though the socket lever was down in the lock position. 

We had to "twist" the CPU off the bottom of the heatsink, reinstall it in the socket, reinstall the heatsink, and the machines were fine.

Don Krause                                                                   

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