[CentOS] wich filesystem to store > 250E6 small files in same or hashed dire

Alain Spineux aspineux at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 21:04:15 UTC 2011

Thanks to everybody for answering.

I thing >250E6 is a lot and keep decent read and write access speed is unreal
using mutli-purpose filesystems like ext? and other ?FS.
I would need a dedicated filesystem for that.

This problem was only a possible solution to another problem.
I will solve the original problem using another way.


On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 3:12 PM, Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch> wrote:
>> Hi
>> I need to store about 250.000.000 files. Files are less than 4k.
>> On a ext4 (fedora 14)  the system crawl at 10.000.000 in the same
>> directory.
>> I tried to create hash directories, two level of 4096 dir = 16.000.000
>> but I had to stop the script to create these dir after hours
>> and "rm -rf"  would have taken days ! mkfs was my friend
>> I tried two levels, first of 4096 dir, second of 64 dir. The creation
>> of the hash dir took "only" few minutes,
>> but copying 10000 files make my HD scream for 120s ! I take only 10s
>> when working in the same directory.
>> The filenames are all 27 chars and the first chars can be used to hash
>> the files.
>> My question is : Which filesystem and how to store these files ?
> Did you try XFS? Deletes may be slow but apart from that it did a nice
> jobs when I last used it. But we had only around 50.000.000 files at the
> time.
> However, also ext3 worked quite well after *removing* dir_index.
> Also, did you run a x86_64 kernel? We were having all kind of troubles
> with big boxes and i686-PAE kernel, because direntry and inode caches were
> very small.
> Simon
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