[CentOS] The delays on CentOS 5.6 are causing EPEL incompatibilities

Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at uni-x.org
Mon Mar 21 23:03:15 UTC 2011

Am 21.03.2011 15:34, schrieb compdoc:
>>> Not just Oracle.  Novell is actively pursuing Red Hat customers and
>>> offering to support their Red Hat installations cheaper than Read Hat
>>> does.  I know a large international technology company which buys RHEL
>>> licenses only for the first year and then switches to Novell for support
>>> after that.
>> Does Novell provide their own updates (RHEL rebuilds) or how does this
>> exactly work ? I doubt Novell can redistribute RHEL binaries in this case.
> RHEL and opensuse are different - defferent kernels, different config files
> and slightly different locations for some config files.
> It's not like one is a drop in replacement for the other, so it doesn't make
> sense to me that a business would buy RHEL support and then switch to
> opensuse.

With all respect, it is even strange to compare RHEL and OpenSUSE
because OpenSUSE is for SUSE what Fedora is for RHEL (fast lifecycle,
community driven/influenced development platform for the SLES product,
which costs for subscriptions as well).


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