[CentOS] mdraid on top of mdraid

Emmanuel Noobadmin centos.admin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 05:14:28 UTC 2011

>> Searching more on this, the consensus seems to be that RAID 1/10 on
>> iSCSI is quite okay and may provide read performance increase but RAID
>> 5's iops penalty will probably be a killer.
> if you can use 2 dedicated ethernet adapters to 2 iSCSI servers  for
> this mirror, its probably a win.

That is my intention, 2 or 3 NICs on the host, to 2 or 3 physical
switches for each dedicated VLAN, then to the iSCSI servers with 2/3
NICs. Would doing so eliminate the impact of using RAID 5 across the
network though? Considering the trade-offs since it is increasingly
expensive to add more storage with RAID 1.

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