[CentOS] OT LVM question

S.Tindall tindall.satwth at brandxmail.com
Thu Mar 24 16:44:35 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-03-24 at 10:06 -0400, Steve Campbell wrote:
> The setup is a Raid6 of 5 drives. As best I can understand, this is 
> basically a warning caused by Raid itself duplicating the UUID on all of 
> the drives, as it should. For some reason, though, LVM is now looking at 
> each drive in the container instead of looking at the device the Raid is 
> presenting to LVM.
> Haven't changed anything in the conf file, but keep seeing a filter 
> suggestion to resolve the warning. All LVM related commands show the 
> same duplicate error. Don't know what changed that caused this to start 
> happening, and it may have been going on for some time. I just noticed 
> it when I needed to start investigating what might be a failing drive in 
> the container. It only shows up when I issue an LVS type command or 
> reboot. Being Centos, the reboot rarely happens.
> Thanks for the reply. I know I'm not offer much help here, so sorry for 
> that.
> On 3/24/2011 8:02 AM, Digimer wrote:
> > On 03/24/2011 07:33 AM, Steve Campbell wrote:
> >> I've got a situation here where my LVM is showing the following problem:
> >>
> >> Found duplicate PV xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: using /dev/sdb2 not /dev/sda2
> >>

Normally, you can just change the uuid on the duplicate PV to resolve
the issue.

# pvchange -u /dev/sdb2

Not sure that will work in your case.

Steve (a different Steve :-)

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