[CentOS] My new server

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Sat Mar 26 17:15:46 UTC 2011

Rudi Ahlers wrote:

>> I bought a very cheap server yesterday -
>> an HP ProLiant micro server for 160 euro
>> But I was surprised when I opened the box
>> to find it didn't come with keyboard or mouse,
>> and doesn't have the old keyboard/mouse sockets,
>> but requires USB versions.

> Many servers, big or small (cheap or expensive) only come with USB
> ports, for quite some time now. Probably since you often don't leave
> the keyboard/mouse plugged into it.

You are quite right of course, I was being stupid.
I see that in fact my old server (Dell PowerEdge T105)
has USB keyboard and mouse, so I can use those temporarily.

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