[CentOS] Virtualization platform choice

RedShift redshift at pandora.be
Sun Mar 27 10:22:55 UTC 2011

On 03/27/11 11:57, Jussi Hirvi wrote:
> Some may be bored with the subject - sorry...
> Still not decided about virtualization platform for my "webhotel v2"
> (ns, mail, web servers, etc.).
> KVM would be a natural way to go, I suppose, only it is too bad CentOS 6
> will not be out in time for me - I guess KVM would be more mature in
> CentOS 6.
> Any experience with the free "VMware vSphere Hypervisor"?. (It was
> formerly known as "VMware ESXi Single Server" or "free ESXi".)
> http://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere-hypervisor/overview.html
> I would need a tutorial about that... For example, does that run without
> a host OS? Can it be managed only via Win clients? Issues with CentOS
> 4/5 guests (all my systems are currently CentOS 4/5).
> - Jussi

VMware ESXi is definitely a good choice. I use it at work (the free version as well) and haven't regretted it. No tutorials needed, everything's pretty straightforward.

Yes, it can only be graphically managed from Windows clients (vsphere client), however the command line tools are available for Linux as well. Tried running the vsphere client using wine but that didn't work.

No issues with CentOS 5 guests here.


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