[CentOS] Virtualization platform choice

compdoc compdoc at hotrodpc.com
Sun Mar 27 14:18:42 UTC 2011

> KVM was a dog in testing under CentOS and RHEL 5.x. The bridged
>networking has *NO* network configuration tool that understands
>how to set it up, you have to do it manually, and that's a deficit I've
>submitted upstream as an RFE. It may work well with CentOS and
>RHEL 6, i've not had a chance to test it.

Back when I was searching for a suitable virtualization platform, I found no
difference in performance between Xen and KVM. I liked both, but settled on

ESXi back then was very limited in hardware support, so I never got to play
with it much. People seem to like it.

And it's true that bridged networking support in centos 5 requires that you
set up it manually, but that's what led me to learn ifcfg scripts. It's so

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