[CentOS] Corporate support for CentOS

Ian Murray murrayie at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 27 18:37:03 UTC 2011

> What the CentOS project would be interested in (from a corporate
> provider) would be to hire people and allow them to do CentOS related
> things.
> We are not interested in being paid in addition to our current work, but
> making taking care of CentOS our only work.
> There are many things other than building packages that have to be
> maintained for making CentOS go.  These include:
> 1.  We have dozens (more than 100) servers that need to be maintained in
> tens of countries all world.  These machines need to be updated and
> managed, including monitoring and taking corrective action for any
> services that go down.
> 2. We have to maintain lists of update mirrors, rsync mirrors, DVD
> mirrors and verify that the "Dynamic DNS list" for all these machines
> stay in sync when mirrors drop out or can be added back.
> 3.  Manage the CentOS DNS services, the CentOS mail services, the
> mailing lists, the IRC Channels, and the main website.
> 4.  We have to write/configure/change software to ensure our mirrors are
> up-to-date and control the release of updates.  Our update system gives
> out GEO-IP relevant targets for download of ISOs and updates.
> 5.  We have to research/answer bugs and maintain the bugs.centos.org
> website.
> There are many things that we could do if CentOS was our only
> responsibility.
> The cost to a corporate entity would be to hire one or more developers
> full time and designate them to working only on the project.  If someone
> were willing to do that, we would be willing to listen.

Right, so rather than money for CentOS to hire its own employees, you'd be looking for corporate sponsor to donate their employee time, i.e. full time person/people.

I was more thinking of the former, but I think that was a long shot at best. Oh well hopefully someone might come forward.


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