[CentOS] Virtualization platform choice

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Sun Mar 27 19:13:02 UTC 2011

On 03/27/11 2:57 AM, Jussi Hirvi wrote:
> Any experience with the free "VMware vSphere Hypervisor"?. (It was
> formerly known as "VMware ESXi Single Server" or "free ESXi".)

one downside to ESXi, it does not support any sort of software raid.   
Normally ESX is used with a SAN, which provides all RAID functionality, 
or with NFS based storage (again, the NFS server providing the raid), 
but if you use it with direct attached storage, you had better have a 
supported hardware raid controller.    Most server kit from the big 
vendors is fully supported (HP,Dell,IBM).   You can boot ESXi from a 
small CF card, as once its booted, it doesn't touch the boot device at all.

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