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Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Mon Mar 28 03:36:54 UTC 2011

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> It's been many years, but it seems that I have to receive a fax and
> might have to send one too.  Is there a way to do this on CentOS 5.5?
> (Hope so.)

Presubably you also have an analog modem?  Almost all analog modems also
understand sending and receiving faxes.

There are several packages that implement the host end of the fax
protocol using an analog modem that supports faxing, including the
CentOS base packages mgetty and mgetty-sendfax.

There are also all-in-one printers that implement faxing, but these can
function standalone -- that is the all-in-one can behave like a regular
fax machine without using a host computer at all (the HP OfficeJets can
do all of this from either their front panel or though their internal
web interface).

> tia.

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