[CentOS] 32-bit compat-gcc on 64-bit CentOS?

Tom Bishop bishoptf at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 19:25:43 UTC 2011


> Does anybody know how to set up KVM on a headless, unattended server to
> run a virtual machine automatically on boot? I've only ever used it on
> my desktop with pointy-clicky tools like virt-manager. Even still, I
> usually use VirtualBox for virtual machines on my desktop.
> -Alan
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So you can still use virt-manager if using 5.4 and up and have it has a
setting to autostart when the physical machine boots, virt-manager works
fine as long as your vm's are fairly straight forward, I have several
running this way.  To make it headless I would just load freenx and then you
can get into the box and do whatever you need to do, plus I load freenx in
all of my vm's so I have access to them, although you can do most everything
with KVM from the command prompt if needed with virsh...
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