[CentOS] nlockdmgr listen on privileged port

Tim Dunphy bluethundr at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 19:35:13 UTC 2011

hey list!

 I am attempting to shore up some centos machines (ranging from centos
5 to centos 5.4) for pci compliance by changing the port that
nlockdmgr listens on to function under a privileged port.

 So what I did was try to hardcode the port by editing  /etc/sysconfig/nfs

# TCP port rpc.lockd should listen on.
# UDP port rpc.lockd should listen on.

And /etc/modprobe.conf

alias eth1 e1000e
alias scsi_hostadapter 3w-9xxx
alias scsi_hostadapter1 usb-storage
alias eth0 e1000e
options lockd nlm_udpport=1011
options lockd nlm_tcpport=1011

and then restarting the pormap service. I've even tried restarting the
network service, but unfortunately nothing seems affected:

[root at stallion:/etc/init.d] $ rpcinfo -p
   program vers proto   port
    100000    2   tcp    111  portmapper
    100000    2   udp    111  portmapper
    100021    1   udp  55394  nlockmgr
    100021    3   udp  55394  nlockmgr
    100021    4   udp  55394  nlockmgr
    100021    1   tcp  33704  nlockmgr
    100021    3   tcp  33704  nlockmgr
    100021    4   tcp  33704  nlockmgr
    100024    1   udp    786  status
    100024    1   tcp    789  status

Does anyone have any tips on how to get this to work the way I'm asking it to?

GPG me!!

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