[CentOS] log monitoring and reporting software

Thu Mar 3 09:12:34 UTC 2011
Janez Kosmrlj <postnalista at googlemail.com>

Hi folks,
In the company where i work, we are implementing a security standard. A part
of this is a log monitoring and reporting software. There are a few
requirements, that the software must fulfil:
- It must be capable of collecting logs from different devices (Linux
machines, network equipment, ...).
- it must be capable of sending alarms on security events
- it has to generate daily (weekly, monthly) reports
- it's a plus if it is easy configurable
- it has to have a good support or at least a good community if it is an
opensource product

So what are you using or at least some recommendations would be nice. An
opensource product would be nice, but it's not required.

I know i could google it, but it's difficult to decide for a product just
from online and marketing presentations. It would be nice to get some real
world experience.

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