[CentOS] problems creating read-only, 'consumer' dirsrv replica

Wed Mar 16 13:44:29 UTC 2011
Jon Detert <jdetert at infinityhealthcare.com>


I am trying to deploy an additional read-only replica (aka.
'consumer') in a single-master dirsrv environment.

The master, and the other pre-existing consumer servers, are all
'fedora-ds' running on Fedora 7.  I'm trying to add a consumer running
on Centos 5.5.  Ultimately, I intend to replace the Fedora ds servers
with Centos dirsrv servers.

I'm trying to deploy the Centos dirsrv consumer without running the

I've been following the directions at
, specifically in chapter 8.  When I get to "8.7.2. Configuring
Consumers from the Command Line" (
),  I run into problems:

1) ldapmodify complains that I'm missing the required attribute
'nsds5replicaId'.  So I add it, and guess at the replicaID number (cuz
the guide says nothing about the ID).

2) even after resolving issue 1) above, I get an error: "ldap_add: No
such object"
The return value of the ldapmodify command is 32.
The changetype of the operation is 'add', so ldapmodify knows it's
trying to add an object.

The input I pass to ldapmodify is just like shown in the guide, but w.
the addition of the nsds5replicaId attribute mentioned in issue 1)
dn: cn=replica,cn="dc=infinityhealthcare,dc=com",cn=mapping tree,cn=config
changetype: add
objectclass: top
objectclass: nsds5replica
objectclass: extensibleObject
cn: replica
nsds5replicaroot: dc=infinityhealthcare,dc=com
nsds5replicatype: 2
nsDS5ReplicaId: 65535
nsds5ReplicaBindDN: uid=RManager,cn=config
nsds5flags: 0

Any idea what's wrong?  Do I have to first create dn:
cn="dc=infinityhealthcare,dc=com",cn=mapping tree,cn=config ?  If so,
how?  The guide doesn't seem to have a step for that, except for when
adding a 'hub' dirsrv.  However, I mean to add a 'consumer', not a