[CentOS] community communication

Wed May 4 13:27:39 UTC 2011
Anthony <akcentos at anroet.com>

On 03/05/11 23:42, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> Every time we (the CentOS Team) post on this list, it leads to a huge
> thread with same detractors looking to post bad things about the CentOS
> team.  Then the same "CentOS Fanbois" come to our rescue.  Then I
> (Johnny Hughes) post something tell people who want to use CentOS to use
> it and for people who don't want to use it to use something else.  Then
> we start a huge flamewar that greatly increases the noise to signal
> ratio of this list.  Lets see if we can avoid that on this thread.
That reminds me of the movie '50 First Dates' ;)