[CentOS] Finding wich files a writen to

Thu May 5 08:51:13 UTC 2011
przemolicc at poczta.fm <przemolicc at poczta.fm>

On Wed, May 04, 2011 at 12:17:15PM -0400, Nicolas Ross wrote:
> Hi !
> I have a server (Centos 5) that is using a pair of SAS drives to store the 
> data. (Mail server) They are on an adaptec raid controler with a battery 
> backup and write back cache active.
> >From time to time, I have sever peak io to those data disks (> 400 to 500 
> iops, > 70 to 100 megs/sec).
> With iostat, I find that it's almost a write i/o problem. How can I find to 
> which files the OS writes ? On OSX boxes, there is a utility called fs_usage 
> that can reports any disk activity for a particular process or all 
> processes. Is there any utility like this on Centos ?
> iotop can points me to wich process, but that doesn't points me to what 
> files are the culprits... 

Systemtap can [*] be very useful for this.

[*] I use DTrace under Solaris. This is one of the best OS feature any sysadmin can have.
Systemtap is similar to DTrace (at least it tries to be ...).
Look at http://uselessuseofcat.com/?p=281

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