[CentOS] Xen Install manager won't let me install anything.

Thu May 5 20:53:22 UTC 2011
Martes G Wigglesworth <mailinglistmember at mgwigglesworth.net>

On 05/05/2011 09:09 AM, Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:
> It sounds like your hardware does not have HVM support,
> which means you can only run PV VMs.
Thanks for the reply.

You are correct.

I have two P4 32-bit machines that I just picked up and wanted to use 
them for testing until I can afford to upgrade to the 12-core 
MB/Processors that I bought these 2u chassis into which I plan to install.

I have never used xen, and it just seems kind of odd that you cannot 
simply install from the hard drive, like on virtualbox.  Anyhow, I could 
only figure that was the outlying factor.

I could not locate that aspect of the virt-manager docs, so I will check 

Anyhow, now I am fighting with SL-Linux's installation media for i386, 
having the ability to be seen, and booted, but inside their own boot 
menue, it forces you to re-verify that you have install media. (Even 
though it is running from the media in the first place.  Then Xen 
magically can't see the iso that SL linux is running from.)

Are there any good (I guess dated, now that everything is mulit-core) 
docs on how to work with paravirtualization, since I have to deal with 
this weird "network" install setup?  It seems that I can put in the 
explicit path to the local-disk-installed ISO image, but the second it 
boots, nothing can be found, and it asks me to put in a url, etc...

I know this sounds incoherent, but I am burnt out from exams.
> Installation for PV (paravirtualized) VMs is only supported
> by using netinstall in virt-manager.
> HVM (fully virtualized) VMs can be installed from ISO image.
Thanks for the input, and would appreciate any further direction on 
reading further on "real-world" installs, not the docs where they assume 
you have a quad 12-core processor super server so "everything thing just 
works in virtualmode... )  I guess this is more for virt-manager, but I 
think you will understand what I mean if you check the doc site for virt 
manager.  They don't even mention that there is a limitation such as 
what you have described, except to say "there is a limitation."

Sorry for the ramble. Need more RedBull, or maybe not so much???? Lol..


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