[CentOS] kswapd taking 100% cpu with no swap on system

Mon May 9 15:49:26 UTC 2011
Ali Ahsan <ali.ahsan at panasiangroup.com>

On 05/09/2011 08:09 PM, Peter Kjellström wrote:
> This means that you're limiting the amount of RAM that can be used as
> pagecache (basically caching I/O) to 10%. This may not be an issue for you but
> may also severely limit your performance (all depending on work load).
> An alternative may be to simple set swappiness to 0.

Hmmm nice points,I am using Sata with LVM with 1 TB of two HD.
> You'll really have to try them to know what works for you. The two main
> variables that'll affect the choice is your I/O load and the device under
> (type of raid for example). For example some raid controllers really prefer
> noop.
> Lastly, you didn't tell us if you're on i386-pae or x86_64 which may make a
> big difference.

System is x86_64