[CentOS] hardware issues under 5.6

Mon May 9 20:31:16 UTC 2011
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 05/09/2011 03:12 PM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> On 05/08/2011 06:30 PM, mark wrote:
>> Folks,
>>     This is, umm, odd. Two, at least, and possibly a third over the 
>> weekend, of some older Dell 1950's, suddenly died shortly after being 
>> upgraded to 5.6. They're all about the same age, and it's not happening 
>> with other systems, but they claim a scsi abort, and the f/s goes 
>> read-only. The little lcd screen goes orange, and shows a fatal error E 
>> 171, and B0 F3 D0? D0 F3 B0? I forget, and won't be able to double check 
>> my memory till the morning.
>>     Has anyone seen this, with a f/s suddenly going r/o, on machines 
>> that seemed to be running fine for years? Since this is two? three 
>> machines, that's somewhere between "coincidence" and "enemy action".
> I do not specifically have any PowerEdge 1950's  ... however, I have
> many of each of these models of Dell PowerEdge servers:
> 400SC (Very old, Tower Boxes)
> 850
> SC1425
> 2950
> R300
> R510
> R710
> I also have several Dell Optiplex 760/770/780 machines running CentOS 5.6.
> All of these machines have been upgraded to CentOS-5.6 with no issues.
> All of the servers except the 400SCs are 1U rack mount servers.
> That mot to say there is not an issue with the 1950's.
> There are way to many versions of controllers and BIOS upgrades, etc. to
> say if it is an os problem without more testing.
> Obviously of more than one failed right after the upgrades, then it is
> something on 5.6 that is causing you problems (or maybe a 3rd party
> repo, etc.)

There has been issues with the Perc/6i controller and also the ATI video
cards in the past on the the 2950's (looking at the internet).

IF there is an issue with the SAS controller, that could cause the
problems that you are seeing.  I did not see anything that was as new as
EL 5.6 though ... all the issues I saw were taken care of in the 4.2/4.3
time frame and 5.0/5.1 time frame.

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