[CentOS] bizzare performance problem

Thu May 12 08:05:06 UTC 2011
JB <jb.1234abcd at gmail.com>

Mag Gam <magawake at ...> writes:

> ... 
> It turned out I had an NMI related issue on the processor. I figured
> this out by checking the /var/log/messages but it was a real mystery
> for be at first. My question, is there a way to detect or benchmark a
> system and all of its processors to make sure I don't bypass this type
> of error again? I am not necessary looking for monitoring tools but
> more of techniques like, run a while loop on all processors/cores to
> make sure they all give a constant time?
> ...

Regarding NMI (if you want to help debugging  it):

Regarding CPU monitoring:
- top
  type 1 to show all CPUs
- htop
- xosview
Some of the above tools can be used to capture output at set intervals.
Mostly available as standard tools (or from supplementary repo).

Regarding CPU task controlled-monitoring:
man taskset
part of util-linux or util-linux-ng package