[CentOS] Recent kmod-kvm update errors

Thu May 12 14:00:30 UTC 2011
Nicolas Thierry-Mieg <Nicolas.Thierry-Mieg at imag.fr>

James B. Byrne wrote:
> This morning I applied the recent updates to CentOS-5.6 on a test
> and development host and observed this:
>    Updating       : kmod-kvm
>        4/20
> WARNING: Can't read module
> /lib/modules/2.6.18-194.32.1.el5/weak-updates/kmod-kvm/kvm.ko: No
> such file or directory
> /lib/modules/2.6.18-194.32.1.el5/weak-updates/kmod-kvm/ksm.ko needs
> unknown symbol kvm_ksm_spte_count
> Is this something I should be concerned about or can it be
> disregarded without consequence?

my guess is you have the old 2.6.18-194.32.1.el5 kernel installed, 
hopefully in addition to the newer 2.6.18-238.* versions.
"rpm -q kernel" will tell.
the new kmod-kvm may not work with the older kernel. Just uninstall it 
(the old kernel) if you don't need it, and you won't get those warnings. 
kmod-kvm probably won't work with the old kernel anyways.
Of course you should install and use the newer kernel.