[CentOS] dovecot sieve rpm?

Fri May 13 06:31:02 UTC 2011
David Hrbáč <david-lists at hrbac.cz>

Dne 13.5.2011 6:58, David Mehler napsal(a):
> Hello,
> Thank you everyone for your replies. I would definitely like to stick
> with postfix as it's what i'm most comfortable with. The problem is
> dovecot. I believe it's extras there's the 1.0.7 dovecot, I'd like to
> be running the 2.0.x dovecot prefered or the 1.2.x version if not, the
> problem is the only place I can find to get them at in rpm form they
> are broken, both those versions. I am not an rpm compilation guru I
> can compile an src.rpm in to a binary package, which is how I upgraded
> postfix, but making one from scratch is over my head. Unless anyone
> has a 2.0.x or 1.2.x version of dovecot i'm going to have to switch
> pop/imap servers for this configuration. I don't want to run a xinetd
> service, so that's out and i'd prefer having my pop/imap server in a
> single package. The two packages I can think of as alternatives to
> dovecot are courier-imap and cyrus-imap. I'd appreciate experiences
> pro conn with each. And if anyone has that dovecot or can help me make
> one offlist i'd appreciate that as well.
> Thanks.
> Dave.

I'm sure atrpms 2.x version of Dovecot is ok and I'm also sure that
1.2.x within my repo and within atrpms are ok too. I do prefer Dovecot,
but when it comes to alternatives, I can also recommend Cyrus. One of
the instances I manage has 30 thousands of mailboxes running on a single
box smoothly and easily.