[CentOS] 1U firewall hardware

Sun May 15 21:57:28 UTC 2011
Miguel Medalha <miguelmedalha at sapo.pt>

>> pci is a shared bus with a max of 2 gigabits.  you'll see a gigabit but
>> never see two or more.
> I am aware of that. But as I said it depends on your particular needs in
> *concurrent* traffic. Although it cannot sustain simultaneous Gigabit
> debits on all interfaces, i can sustain Gigabit bursts that are not
> simultaneous, as is often the case.
> I have found that such a solution is perfectly capable when isolating a
> LAN, or several LANs,  from a WAN, for example.

If you really need concurrent Gigabit traffic on several interfaces, I 
would suggest that you get proper *dedicated* firewall/router hardware 
instead of building one from standard parts. It will be much more efficient.