[CentOS] allowing users to write to a web content area

Mon May 16 08:41:44 UTC 2011
Marian Marinov <mm at yuhu.biz>

On Monday 16 May 2011 06:19:49 David Mehler wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got apache running on a centos 5.6 machine. All of my users have
> a umask of 077 set in /etc/bashrc. I'm now wanting to give several of
> them permission to write to a web area so they can place content
> visible to the web server. I've got two groups webdev1 and webdev2
> which I want one to be able to write to site1 and the other to site2.
> I've got between 3 and 5 users in each group. I'd prefer not to mess
> with these users umask settings, but want the correct permissions and
> ownerships user:webdev1 or user:webdev2 where user is the username of
> the person who placed the file. Permissions I believe should be 664 so
> apache can read the files.
> I'm wondering if I need to look in to ACLS which I've not used or if
> there's another solution?
> Thanks.
> Dave.
It seams obvious... add the apache user to both webdev1 and webdev2 groups and 
you are done... no need to change umasks and perms :)

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