[CentOS] EL 6 rollout strategies? (Scientific Linux)

Mon May 16 21:00:52 UTC 2011
Radu Gheorghiu <radu at pengooin.net>

On 05/16/2011 11:50 PM, Les Mikesell wrote:
> On 5/16/2011 3:38 PM, John R Pierce wrote:
>> On 05/16/11 1:18 PM, Les Mikesell wrote:
>>> Yes, but whatever can't be automated here should benefit from doing the
>>> trial-and-error in parallel.   And the potential improvements might come
>>> in the automation process as much as the grunge work - you can't really
>>> predict how an open project will develop.
>> so you are volunteering to take over 4.next or 5.x or whatever when the
>> time comes ?  you can come up with the build infrastructure and develop
>> this automation in the meantime?  I'd suggest starting with recreating
>> 5.6 by working from 5.5 and the RHEL 5,6 SRPMs exclusively.  let us know
>> how long it takes from scratch, ok?   you don't mind that
>> we-the-community would want our packagers vetted by demonstrating the
>> ability to deliver...  consider this a test run.
> No, but I'm not the only member of the public.  And your suggestion of
> starting by reproducing someone else's work from scratch instead of
> building on it would be like Linus telling everyone to just write their
> own unix-like kernel before trying to add to it.  If he had done that
> instead of letting others build on the existing work we wouldn't be
> talking about usable Linux distributions today at all.
The main "fear" the developers have is that somebody could steal their 
work and come up with
another RHEL clone easily if they release their build system & scripts. 
I think this is obvious by now.
It is also pretty obvious that the developers have a strong hope that by 
keeping CentOS closed,
somebody will notice their skills and will pay them a fortune for their 
knowledge by hiring them.
This is my opinion and it is based on what I read on this list during 
the last months.