[CentOS] So sorry! was: Re: EL 6 rollout strategies? (Scientific Linux)

Tue May 17 10:46:38 UTC 2011
Michael Simpson <mikie.simpson at gmail.com>

On 17 May 2011 11:03, John R. Dennison <jrd at gerdesas.com> wrote:
> On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 05:58:31PM +0800, Christopher Chan wrote:
>> Yeah...for you...think of the poor moderator!
> I'd be more than happy to moderate the list.  I can assure you that the
> current trolls will be back in their cages safely under their bridges in
> short order.
>                                                        John

Hang around in OpenBSD-misc or Full-Disclosure for a while to reset
your values of ML behaviour :)

Idiot trolls like Radu Gheorghiu don't even make it into my fetchmailrc.

That being said, whining about the delay to the point where one of the
people doing the work is obviously pissed off is just stupid.

from theo.c
"Whiners.  They scale really well."

sorry 4 adding to the decrease in SNR