[CentOS] a hardware question

Wed May 18 12:43:06 UTC 2011
Brunner, Brian T. <BBrunner at gai-tronics.com>

> Actually, we really like Dell. The servers that died are four or five
> years old, and were only under a now-expired warranty. All
> had the same error (E171F PCIE fatal error B0 D3 F0), which indicates
> pci-x error, which is weird. And that all of them failed within a week
> suggests, to me, a firmware error, maybe a counter that rolled over,
or ran
> past the end.
> And I not only got a Dell rep to chat about it, he even opened a case,
> knowing they were out of warranty. Maybe it's 'cause we're US
> gov't, but
> still....

I'd have done the same: Anything that drops four on the floor at your
can do so elsewhere... And I'd want to know why/how/what dropped those
*before* some in-warranty units proffered the same startling surprise.


You do not want your customers saying things like this about your
product line.
HP learned its lesson on this one, we should do the same *before* the
"Instructive Experience" nails us between the eyes. *hats off to the
Dell guy*.

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