[CentOS] Some thoughts about EL 6

Wed May 18 16:34:03 UTC 2011
Gerhard Schneider <gs at ilsb.tuwien.ac.at>

> Is there any bugzilla report for this?
> SL or redhat?

> Thx
> Rainer

Not from my side. I'm CentOS user - only testing 6.0

The tape issue has been discussed on the linux-scsi mailing list 6
months ago - including some fix - and there was a bug report for the
Ubuntu 2.6.32 kernel.

The slab issue has been discussed in the rhelv6-list in February.

Sorry, but the large servers I used for testing are back in business
with CentOS 5.6 after playing around for one week (it's my way to check
that issues are not hardware related).

Gerhard Schneider

Gerhard Schneider
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